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72 Woven sew on labels | Woven Nametags | Woven I.D. Tags

US$ 38.95
72 Woven sew on labels | Woven Nametags | Woven I.D. Tags
Nothing adds a more elegant finishing touch to clothing and handmade items than custom woven labels. Woven sew-on labels with your name or brand name give special recognition to all of your fabulous creations or keep your child’s clothing out of the lost-and-found pile!

- colorfast and machine washable in all temperatures
- soft against the skin
- 12 mm high; 2 lines of text
- may be (boil) washed, dry cleaned and machine dried
- Stitch them on by hand or by sewing machine (end fold)
- can be removed easily

Sew-on labels can also be made available as iron-on labels with up to 3 lines of text and your own image or logo.

Front side:
Text: Pitch:
Text color:
Quantity:   X 72 Labels Usually ships within 1-2 working days On stock
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