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Paper Tags

by Hedwige Pollak


Cotton Trends Labels

Swig Tags provide a professional designer appearance that your business deserves. CottonTrends offers high quality paper and plastic hang tags with cord at affordable pricing for small quantities.

Rating: [1/518]

by Carmen


Garment tags

Rating: [2/518]

by Paolo


Personalised Price Tags

Swing tags uk

Rating: [3/518]

by Katia


Cotton Trends - Custom Clothing & Labels

Product tags

Rating: [4/518]

by Sybille


Where To Buy Blank Custon Clothing Labels For Homemade Clothes In Newcastle Uk

Rating: [5/518]

by Sheena


Branded Swing Tags Printed

Product tags

Rating: [6/518]

by Kari-Dadd Martin



FYI- I highly recommend to order your labels well in advanced since they may be delayed due to Covid-19 safety measure implemented at Customs depending on your location. My labels were held at Custom in Canada for about 2 weeks;no fault of the CottonTrends-they were shipped 3 days after my order. However, when I finally received them, I was very happy. They were lovely! Would definitely be ordering again.

Rating: [7/518]

by Tamar


Cotton Trends - Custom Clothing & Labels

Thank you for your reply. I got my order today. I just want to say, they look so great! Thank you so much. The good news, is that it's not for the last time you will hear from me. These labels, I will not use them anymore. I won't sell my items with them. I will order my actual labels soon with my own created logo name from scratch, for my business. As a result, I want to let you know, how grateful I am for God for letting me find you on Google, for you guys and your company! You guys are amazi

Rating: [8/518]

by Caroline


Price Tags For Clothing

Clothing labels uk swing tickets

Rating: [9/518]

by Irene


Hang Tag Printing

Cotton trends - custom clothing & labels

Rating: [10/518]

by Lili


Where To Buy Blank Custon Clothing Labels For Homemade Clothes In Newcastle Uk

Cotton trends labels

Rating: [11/518]

by Geraldine


Tags For Selling Appliances

Sew in toseam labels

Rating: [12/518]

by Femke


Sew In Toseam Labels

Swing tags uk

Rating: [13/518]

by Catherine


Custom Printed Price Tags

Card clothing labels manufacturers

Rating: [14/518]

by Sue


Tags For Selling Appliances

Garment tags

Rating: [15/518]